How to Travel with your Basket: Getting it from A to B and everything in between.

How to Travel with your Basket: Getting it from A to B and everything in between.


As the weather begins to warm and we all dream of sunshine and warmer climes, we thought we’d address questions we get all the time:

How do I get my basket to [insert lovely hot, tropical location]?

How do I get my basket on a plane?  

Valid – you don’t want to damage your basket, and we all know airlines are getting stricter with luggage and carry-ons. So here are the options we recommend.


  • Use the basket as your carry-on. Depending on the style of basket you have – this is definitely a possibility. Our Medium U-shoppers fit quite a lot in and do fit under an airline seat. Likewise, our Medium Round Baskets and Small Round Baskets also fit under seats or in overhead compartments. Brilliant for easy access to anything you suddenly need.


  • Pack your basket and lay it in your luggage bag. If you’re worried about damaging your basket, this is the option for you! Fill your basket with socks, your swimsuit, your shorts, t-shirts and dresses to keep the sides from being folded inwards and lay it in your suitcase. When you arrive at said beautiful, hot and sun-shining location, just open your luggage and bring out your perfectly formed and ready-to-use basket. Now, it’s only applying the sun cream or tanning lotion that’s slowing your journey to the sun bed on the beach.


  • Squash it! Really, it will be fine. All our single-weave, more malleable baskets are fine getting squashed. All our baskets can be reshaped, but the single-weave baskets are easier than the double-weave. The single weave baskets include U-shoppers, Round Baskets, Beach Baskets, Via Baskets and Clutches. They’re incredibly resilient, and when you arrive, reshape following the below instructions:


If the squashed sides aren’t that bad, fill it with your things and it will naturally start to rejigg itself. If you really did need to squash it this is how to re-shape your basket after unpacking it in [insert gorgeous, warm and breezy location]:


  • Sprinkle water on the around and on the folded areas. This makes the grasses even more malleable.
  • Using your hands, straighten the edges. You can be quite firm.
  • Allow to dry on a flat surface.


Given we’re pretty hot on caring for the environment, it would be very amiss if we didn’t also recommend the following:


Travel by train, or boat! We have images of wind blowing through your hair as you sail across the seas or looking out the window of a train rambling through the green pastures of England or olive groves of Italy with your basket by your side filled with all your necessities. How romantic and good for the environment at the same time!

Olivia Peterson

Olivia joined Frafra Baskets in March 2022. She has since made several trips to Ghana and has a background in African Studies and Contemporary Art from Africa and its diaspora. She leads the UK side and works alongside Pokka on operations in Ghana.

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