Sustainability Policy

1. Introduction

At FBL, we are committed to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our
 operations, from sourcing to distribution. As a company that imports baskets from
Ghana and sells them to both B2B and B2C customers in the UK, we recognise our responsibility to contribute positively to environmental protection, social equity,
and economic vitality. This sustainability policy outlines our guiding principles and
action areas to ensure a holistic approach to sustainability.

2. Sourcing and Supply Chain

2.1 Ethical Sourcing: We are committed to partnering with Ghanaian artisans who
adhere to fair labour practices, ensuring that weavers are treated with dignity and
respect and are paid fair wages.

2.2 Biodiversity Preservation: We will actively support suppliers who adopt
environmentally responsible harvesting practices to ensure the preservation of
Ghana's biodiversity.

2.3 Quality over Quantity: We prioritise quality over quantity to encourage longer
product lifecycles, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby
minimising waste.

3. Environmental Impact

3.1 Carbon Footprint Reduction: We will assess and minimise the carbon footprint
associated with shipping and transportation, exploring options for more efficient
and eco-friendly transportation methods.

3.2 Packaging: We commit to using eco-friendly packaging materials, aiming to
minimise single-use plastics and excess packaging waste.

3.3 Energy Efficiency: We will implement energy-efficient practices in our facilities
and encourage suppliers to adopt similar practices in their production processes.

4. Social Responsibility

4.1 Community Engagement: We will engage with the Ghanaian communities from which we source our baskets, fostering relationships that contribute to their social and economic development.

4.2 Empowerment and Fair Trade: We will actively support initiatives that empower artisans, ensuring fair wages and opportunities for skills development.

4.3 Cultural Preservation: We recognise the cultural significance of the baskets we import and will work to promote the appreciation of Ghanaian culture while respecting its heritage.

5. Waste Reduction and Recycling

5.1 Waste Minimisation: We will strive to minimise waste generation within our
operations and encourage suppliers to adopt waste reduction practices in their
production processes.

5.2 Recycling Initiatives: We will establish a recycling programme for our packaging materials and collaborate with customers to promote responsible disposal and recycling of our products.

6. Continuous Improvement

6.1 Metrics and Reporting: We will establish measurable sustainability goals and
regularly report our progress to stakeholders, promoting transparency and

6.2 Innovation and Research: We will invest in research and development to
identify new sustainable materials, technologies, and practices that can be
integrated into our operations.

7. Employee Engagement

7.1 Education and Training: We will provide our employees with the necessary
education and training to understand and support our sustainability initiatives.

7.2 Collective Responsibility: We believe that sustainability is a collective effort, and we will encourage our employees to actively contribute ideas and suggestions for improving our sustainability practices.

8. Collaboration

8.1 Stakeholder Engagement: We will engage with customers, suppliers, NGOs, and industry groups to foster collaboration and share best practices for sustainable operations.

8.2 Partnerships: We will seek out partnerships with organisations that share our
values and are dedicated to promoting sustainability.

9. Compliance

We are committed to complying with all relevant environmental, labour, and trade
regulations in both Ghana and the UK, ensuring that our operations align with the
highest ethical standards.

10. Review and Update

This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect advancements in
sustainability practices and our evolving commitment to a more sustainable future.
By adopting and implementing this Sustainability Policy, we aim to positively
impact the environment, society, and economy while providing our customers with ethically sourced, high-quality products from Ghana.