Crafted Collaboration: TOAST partners with Frafra

Crafted Collaboration: TOAST partners with Frafra


We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with the wonderful brand TOAST to introduce a line of bespoke Laundry Baskets and Bird Nesters. Beyond beautiful weaving, this collaboration is an exciting meeting of values and a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity.
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Bridging Continents: Ghanaian Craftsmanship in the UK

As with all of our baskets, the Laundry Baskets and Bird Nesters were woven in the heart of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana, where generations of skilled artisans have perfected the art of handwoven baskets. This collaboration bridges Ghana's cultural heritage to the conscious consumers of TOAST in the UK. The intricate weave and durable craftsmanship add a touch of purpose and functionality to everyday items, aligning seamlessly with TOAST's commitment to a slower, more considered way of life.

A Celebration of Values: Ghana Meets TOAST

Beyond the Laundry Baskets and Bird Nesters, this collaboration is a celebration of shared values. It is an acknowledgement of the beauty found in longstanding craftsmanship and an encouragement to adopt a more thoughtful approach to consumption. Each handwoven basket tells a story of cultural heritage, fair labour practices, and environmental responsibility. With TOAST, we aim to inspire a community that values purpose, intentionality, and ethical choices.

Sustaining Traditions in a Fast-Paced World

As our handwoven baskets find a new home with TOAST and you (and the nesters become a new home for birds!), we see a future where sustainability, craftsmanship, and a slower pace of life coexist harmoniously. This collaboration is a testament to the potential of conscious partnerships in shaping a world where heritage is sustained and every purchase contributes to a more meaningful way of living.
The bespoke Lidded Laundry Basket and Bird Nester can be purchased on the TOAST website.

Olivia Peterson

Olivia joined Frafra Baskets in March 2022. She has since made several trips to Ghana and has a background in African Studies and Contemporary Art from Africa and its diaspora. She leads the UK side and works alongside Pokka on operations in Ghana.

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