Established in Ghana and based in the UK, Frafra Baskets is a team of 150 weavers in Bolga, Upper East Region of Ghana; Pokka Daa, who works with everyone collectively in Bolga; and Founding Directors Bartie and Clemmie Stagg and Managing Director Olivia Peterson. Working together without middlemen ensures ethical, economically and environmentally sustainable production. We work collectively to improve product quality, access to the UK and European markets and unlock higher financial returns for each community. Baskets are woven in groups or within a weaver's own home and at a pace that suits family, agricultural and educational commitments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality woven products to you while bringing about meaningful change for every weaver. Beyond ensuring a fair wage, we are building indoor weaving spaces, providing wheelchairs for older weavers, an educational fund for promising students who want to attend university or teacher training, and sourcing improved colour dyes.


Frafra Baskets is named after the communities with a long and established history of weaving baskets from Veta Vera Grass in the Upper East Region of Ghana; The Frafra People.


Bartie Stagg and Clemmie Stagg, Founding Directors

Pokka Daa, Head of Production and Sourcing

Olivia Peterson, Managing Director

  • Wholesale and Custom Orders

    If you are interested in purchasing more than 20 units / £500, we can offer wholesale prices. We can also produce custom baskets. Please contact the team at info@frafrabaskets.com for more information.

  • Group of Frafra people dancing outdoor and having fun
  • Frafra baskets inside each other
  • Woman from Ghana weaves Frafra basket