Baskets for the basket cases.

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Oval Baskets

Perfect for picnics, the flat bottom ensures the basket stays upright and the high sides make it ideal for holding thermoses or bottles of wine. They fit nicely in a car's footwell.

Small Round Baskets

The classic shape in a small, but still practical, size.

Gambigo Basket

Double-weaved for superior strength, these baskets are great for carrying bulky items like shoes, blankets, coats, shopping and toys that need to get from A to B.


The perfect shopper available in Small, Medium and Large

Beach Baskets

An open weave basket for only the necessities needed for a day on the beach.

Grass to Basket

Veta Vera Grass is harvested from the fields in Ghana. The grass is split, twisted, and dyed in vibrant colours before skilled artisans begin weaving the prepared grass into baskets. This step involves intricate patterns and techniques passed down through generations.

The baskets are shaped into various forms such as round, oval, and U-shoppers. Final touches are added, and the baskets are inspected for quality.

The finished baskets are ready for market, showcasing the craftsmanship of the weavers.