The Weaving Process

In the heart of the Bolga region, weaving has been practised for generations. Every Frafra Basket is crafted from Veta Vera Grass, a resilient grass flourishing in Ghana's central expanse. This natural material is carefully dried and then transported northward to Bolga.

In Bolga, weavers split each straw vertically, creating a core strength by tightly twisting them back together. Bunches of straw are hand-dyed in water, and with care, weavers handpick the strands for the base, sides, and handle.

Starting from the base and ascending, the weaving process takes form. Rims are expertly finished flat or enclosed with straw, creating a distinctive tube-like edge. Working meticulously, crafting a single basket typically spans 2-5 days. The handles are then fashioned from locally sourced goat leather, skilfully made by adept local tanners.

Thoughtful design and creativity has always been intrinsic to the long tradition of basket weaving in Bolga. We have ensured that this does not change. Every basket is distinct, distinguished by its hand-dyed hues and individually chosen patterns. Our weavers have the freedom to work collectively or in their own homes and at a pace that suits their agricultural and family commitments.

  • Custom Designs

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  • a view of a woman sitting on the ground and making a basket from the Veta Vera Grass
  • Frafra Bolga Baskets from Africa
  •  A smiling woman from Ghana, Africa weaves a Frafra basket from Veta Vera Grass