The Region

Bolgatanga, also known as Bolga, is located in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The region experiences an arid climate with a brief rainy season from April to October. Unlike some other rural areas in Ghana, lower soil fertility necessitates diversification of income sources beyond agriculture alone. In addition to farming, communities engage in activities like pottery and basket weaving, providing vital supplementary income. This diversity ensures a stable livelihood year-round.

At Frafra, we bring the expert craftsmanship of Bolgatanga's weavers to the UK. The baskets not only showcase exceptional skill and have innumerable uses but also support sustainable livelihoods. Baskets are woven in groups or within a weaver's own home and at a pace that suits family, agricultural and educational commitments.

  • Smiling woman from Ghana weaving Frafra baskets on her legs
  • two people sits on chairs and looks at woven frafra baskets
  •  women sit and weave Frafra baskets