Pokka Daa

Safura Abass embarked on a transformative journey from corporate Ghana to the vibrant realm of baskets. With a decade of experience in the shipping and real estate industries, Pokka made a pivotal decision to channel her energies into something deeply personal and community-centric. 

The spark for Pokka Daa ignited during Pokka's visit to her hometown in Bolga for funeral rites. It was during this experience that Pokka encountered family members and neighbours passionately weaving Bolga Baskets. This encounter became the catalyst for rekindling Pokka's dormant passion for community development. 

Fuelled by a desire to make a meaningful impact, Pokka harnessed her passion by assembling groups of women to create Pokka Daa. Recognising the need for additional skills in the fashion and design arena, Pokka took the bold step of enrolling in a fashion and design school. This strategic move was aimed at not only broadening her horizons but also expanding the brand's footprint to compete with well-known international counterparts in the industry.

Fast forward almost a decade, and Pokka Daa has evolved into more than just a business—it's a symbol of community empowerment and creative expression. The culmination of Pokka's strategic vision manifested in a pivotal partnership with Frafra Baskets, a collaboration that commenced two years ago. Under this partnership, Pokka Daa baskets are exclusively carried and sold by Frafra Baskets, amplifying the reach and impact of both brands, Pokka Daa in Ghana and Frafra in the UK.

Pokka's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and community engagement. Her commitment to preserving and promoting the artistry of Bolga weavers has not only revitalised a longstanding craft but has also created economic opportunities for the men and women involved. As Pokka Daa continues to flourish, Pokka's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her roots pave the way for a future where Bolga Baskets are celebrated locally and globally. The success of Pokka Daa stands as an inspiring narrative of blending tradition with innovation, community empowerment, and the enduring impact of one woman's vision.