Olivia Peterson

As the Managing Director of Frafra, Olivia leads the charge in the UK, steering the organisation with a strong emphasis on sustainability and a socially focused approach. Her responsibilities extend beyond geographical boundaries, necessitating coordination with Pokka and network of skilled weavers. Although based in the UK, Olivia maintains a hands-on approach, regularly travelling to  ensure Frafra's operations in the UK align with operations in Ghana sustainably and have a social impact.

Before joining Frafra, Olivia forged a dynamic path as a freelance writer, reader, and editor. Notable among her achievements is her contribution to Phaidon's "African Artists: From 1882 to Now" in 2021, a testament to her dedication to promoting diverse voices within the art world. A significant chapter in Olivia's career unfolded as the Head of Public Programming and Editor at the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Over three transformative years, she contributed to the fair's success before leaving in December 2021. Managing nine 1-54 Forum programmes across global locations—London, Marrakech, Paris, and New York—she orchestrated platforms for conversations that transcended borders.

Olivia's commitment to creative voices, sustainability and social impact takes centre stage in her role at Frafra. With a keen awareness of the global challenges facing communities and the environment, she has steered Frafra towards a sustainable and socially responsible path. Olivia's approach goes beyond mere rhetoric, as she actively engages with weavers and stakeholders to ensure fair practices and environmentally conscious methods in the creation of Frafra baskets. 

Her tenure as the Managing Director underscores a strategic vision incorporating sustainability into every facet of Frafra's operations. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing ethical production processes, Olivia is driving Frafra towards becoming a leader of sustainable practices within the industry. This commitment extends to fostering a positive social impact within the communities where Frafra operates, creating opportunities for economic empowerment and social development whilst establishing a conversation that forefronts the creativity of each basket and the weaver behind it.

Olivia's academic background—a Master's degree in Contemporary African Art and Art Theory from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a Bachelor's degree in African Studies from the University of Birmingham—equips her with a nuanced understanding of cultural dynamics and social issues. This knowledge base informs her approach to championing cultural dialogue, championing creativity and integrating sustainability and social responsibility into Frafra's ethos.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Olivia's global upbringing—from being born in Nairobi to then living in Croatia, Jordan, Russia, and Turkey—adds a unique perspective to her efforts. This diverse background not only enhances her adaptability but also strengthens her commitment to creating positive change on a global scale.

Olivia's role as Managing Director at Frafra goes beyond overseeing operations; it is a dedication to transforming Frafra into a model of sustainable business practices, ensuring that Frafra not only reflects artistic excellence but also contributes to a more socially and environmentally conscious world.