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Supporting Longstanding Traditions: Frafra Baskets’ Purpose

In the town of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana, there is a craft deeply woven into the fabric of its creative culture: basket weaving. Established in Ghana, Frafra Baskets celebrates and uplifts this longstanding craft by working closely with the talented weavers of the region. Not only is this significant for our weavers, but also for the preservation of cultural heritage for decades to come.


Northern Ghana's Rich Basketry Traditions

Northern Ghana is renowned for its rich weaving traditions. The Frafra people have mastered the art of weaving intricately patterned baskets, often passed down through generations. These baskets serve various functions, from carrying produce and wares to serving as household storage. Each basket is a masterpiece, reflecting the weaver's skill and cultural heritage.


The Heart of Frafra Baskets

We understand that the beauty of these baskets goes beyond their aesthetic appeal. The core of the business lies in the relationship cultivated with the weavers in Northern Ghana. These relationships are invaluable for several reasons.


Weaving Preservation

As the environment of Northern Ghana gets harsher, relocating, or other forms of working become equally viable, longstanding art forms are at risk of being forgotten. We not only recognise the artistry of the weavers but also invest in training and development to assist in passing skills down to future generations.


Economic Empowerment

Weaving is not merely an art form but a vital source of income for many families in Northern Ghana. We offer a reliable and fair source of income. By providing a market for Ghanaian baskets, we play a role in supporting the local economy.


Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is a two-way street. We not only showcase the artistry of our weavers but also introduce the world to Northern Ghana's culture and longstanding traditions, fostering an appreciation for the craft and the individuals behind it.


Distinct Baskets

Without a middleman, we can ensure weavers are not restricted in their creativity, enabling them to create distinct and high-quality products. The weavers' input and creativity are valued, resulting in a diverse range of designs and baskets that resonate with the global market.


Sustainability and Ethical Business Practices

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices goes hand in hand with our collaboration with our weavers. We prioritise eco-friendly materials, ensuring that baskets are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. Moreover, our weavers are paid a fair wage, and we ensure that they are not exploited. 

Frafra Baskets’ journey is a testament to the power of close collaboration with local artisans. By nurturing longstanding traditions and uplifting the weavers of Northern Ghana, we have not only created a thriving business but ensured skills are preserved through economic empowerment and sustainable practices. When you buy a Frafra basket, you're not just buying a product; you're supporting a region’s heritage.

Bartie Stagg

Having lived in Ghana for seven years, Bartie met Pokka Daa at a market in Accra with his wife, Clemmie Stagg. After gifting numerous baskets to friends and family in the UK, Pokka, Bartie and Clemmie established Frafra Baskets as an extension of Pokka’s thriving basket business in Ghana.

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