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The U-shopper Basket: The original Frafra Basket that started it all.

The U-shopper Basket kicked started Frafra, establishing Frafra as the go-to for beautiful, high-quality handwoven baskets two years ago. The classic basket brings together the conventional shopping basket shape with a unique U-shaped top, so no surprises on how it got its name! A tight weave and leather handles that are attached across the rim of the main body ensure the longevity of each basket for decades to come. Its malleable edges ensure it can shape to its contents without losing its integrity.


Versatility is the U-shopper’s unofficial middle name; from shopping to beach trips and storage, its unique shape allows for a stable and adaptable basket in three sizes:

Large: A spacious basket size that will fit a generous number of things while staying strong. Great out and about for shopping (stopping single-use plastic bags one basket at a time!) or picnics, as well as storage around the house, from slippers or winter hats and scarves by the front door to toys around the house. Its U-shape will allow for taller items – think delicious picnic baguettes! - without tipping over. Pictured below is the Large Natural U-shopper with a bright Sophia Frances Studio Linen Drawstring Insert

girl on the grass with Sophia Frances basketSophia Frances basket

Medium: A handbag style that fits the necessities and more if needed. A quick to the village or corner shop, the Medium U-shopper has got you covered. 

Small: One for the necessities. Think phone, keys, purse. Or a brilliant children’s basket ideal for Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Trick or Treating and general play. 

Design and Durability

Dedicated to the continued preservation of the basket weaving craft and heritage, each U-shopper basket is carefully woven by one weaver. The U-shopper comes in natural, without any dyes, or has a one-of-a-kind colouring and pattern. Each weaver chooses their patterns and colours, so it is rare to have more than one of any single design. Each basket is woven from durable and lightweight Veta Vera grass, and soft real leather handles sure to last decades. 

How to look after your U-shopper Basket:

  • We recommend spraying your basket with water every couple of years to stop it going brittle. After spraying, allow to fully dry naturally before using again.
  •  If your basket gets squashed, reshape it with a spray of water and use your hands to push it into the desired shape. After reshaping, allow to fully dry naturally before using again.
  • Do not use soaps on your basket, just clean it with water and allow it to dry fully.
  • Allow your basket to dry naturally, not in front of a radiator or fire. Ideally, clean it, reshape it or spray it on a sunny day. 


u-shopper basket with towel and sunglasses next to the pool

A pool-ready Multicoloured Medium Closed Weave U-shopper.  


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Olivia Peterson

Olivia joined Frafra Baskets in March 2022. She has since made several trips to Ghana and has a background in African Studies and Contemporary Art from Africa and its diaspora. She leads the UK side and works alongside Pokka on operations in Ghana.

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