Our Story

In 2016, Pokka Daa left her corporate job in Accra and returned to her family roots in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Settling back into her new surroundings, Pokka realised the potential opportunities to improve the livelihoods of traditional basket weavers in her extended family and their local community. Pokka worked closely with them to improve product quality and access to the market, unlocking higher financial returns for the weaver communities.

After moving to Ghana in 2015, Founders Clemmie and Bartie Stagg immediately fell in love with the vast array of local artisan products. Their family and friends also loved the Christmas and Birthday presents sourced from local markets across Accra. After meeting in one of these markets, Pokka, Clemmie, and Bartie decided to see if they could further increase the demand for the Bolgatanga weaver's baskets, and Frafra Baskets was born.

Frafra has been a labour of love for Pokka, Clemmie and Bartie as they've persevered to bring these handwoven baskets from the weavers of Bolgatanga to the homes of the UK.


Frafra Baskets is named after the communities with a long and established history of weaving baskets from Veta Vera grass up in the Upper East of Ghana; The Frafra People.

Our Mission

At Frafra, our goal is to provide high-quality woven products to our customers and bring about meaningful change for our weavers. Through partnering with Pokka, it allows us to avoid using middlemen and offer direct support to our weavers. Pokka has helped start these current projects with our weavers, providing wheelchairs for the elderly weavers, financial support for a weaving centre in Gambibigo, and sourcing improved colour dyes for the baskets. 

Our weavers have the freedom to work collectively or in their own homes and at a pace that suits their agricultural and family commitments. 

  • Wholesale and Custom Orders

    If you are interested in purchasing more than 20 units / £500, we can offer wholesale prices. As we work directly with our weavers, we can also produce custom designs and products. Please contact the team at info@frafrabaskets.com for more information.