The Weaving Process

All products sold by Frafra Baskets are made from Veta Vera, a type of grass that grows in the central region of Ghana. This grass is dried into straw and then shipped north to the Bolga region. Once it is there, the weavers split each straw in half vertically. After this has been completed, each half of the split straw is then twisted tightly by rolling it back together to give it strength. The straw is put in bunches and dyed in boiling water. The weaver carefully selects the appropriate straw for the base, sides, and handle.

Weaving starts at the base and works up to the top. The rims are generally finished flat or wrapped with straw to form a tube-like edge. The leather used in the handles comes from the locally bred goats. The handles are skillfully made by local tanners. It usually takes 2-5 days for a weaver to produce 1 U shopper basket.

  • Custom Designs

    As we work directly with our weavers we can produce custom designs and products for you. Please contact the sales team at for more information.